HAARP — Scientific facility, Alaska, United States


HAARP — Scientific facility, Alaska, United States


That was all very interesting, Luciana, thank you. I had never heard of this particular facility before. I spent a lot of time last night and this morning reading about the science involved, the capabilities and indeed the conspiracies related to the facility. And fortunately the facility has hosted several annual open days recently so there are large bodies of photographs available online which are useful to identify equipment and such. And this is what I have learned:

The research facility has been active since 1993. It was built by the USAF/Navy but operations were transferred to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 2015. The land is still owned by the military but the facility itself and its experiments are run by various universities including Stanford University, Penn State University, Boston College, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, MIT, University of California Los Angeles, Clemson University and the University of Tulsa.

The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) is a radio wave transmitter operating in the high frequency range and is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study. This allows scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun. The goal has always been to improve communication and navigation systems. A lot of the results – and the technological developments that have come from there, are applied in many modern devices that we all use today… mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, online streaming etc.

HAARP has never been a “classified” military project. An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was conducted during 1992-1993 in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. The environmental impact process documents have always been, and are now, a matter of public record.

When you start researching the individual experiments that have been carried out there and over its history – and in other similar facilities around the world (like the EISCAT facility in Scandinavia) you begin to learn fairly quickly about the capabilities of these facilities… and, more importantly, their limitations.

The experiments and their results have all been published and are widely available for public consumption.

First things first though, this facility is not a satellite in space – which is what you had spoken about. It does not orbit the earth. It is quite firmly anchored to terra firma and so cannot be what you led me to believe at all – even if it could manipulate the weather!

The second thing – and a very important thing to note is that it cannot manipulate the weather. The ionosphere has nothing to do with our planet’s weather. Meteorology is all about the stratosphere and the troposphere so, right off the bat, the HAARP facility does not have anything to do with our planet’s weather patterns or the manipulation thereof.

Basically, the technology on-site is designed to shoot radio waves of a specifically high frequency up into the ionosphere (above the stratosphere and the troposphere) where it will be reflected back to the facilities antennas (the 180 metal things in the field) so as to learn more about the high concentration of ions and free electrons contained within the ionosphere. These experiments have helped us to develop better and stronger communications with eachother and develop our navigational tools – amongst other things.

They do not hide any of this information. This information is all in the public domain for all to see, read and analyse. The open days have allowed the public to inspect the facility. The open days were established specifically to back up the scientific papers and allay fears about the facility’s purposes.

We have also learned a lot about the natural electrical phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or ‘Northern Lights’ because of the northern location of the facility. The EISCAT facility in northern Europe was actually the first facility of the kind to create an artificial Aurora Borealis – even beating the HAARP one in Alaska! Though any man-made equivalent is tiny in comparison to the natural world’s light-show and even needs a special camera in order to be viewed at all!

The Alaskan facility’s emissions are actually less dangerous than the emissions of radio or TV stations – which are not dangerous at all. The closest public access point to the facility is about 1,000 metres from the antenna fence and the magnetic field at that point has decreased to 10,000 times below the safe standard level.

Waves that the IRI transmits are greatly below the power-range of the sun’s own rays when they hit our atmosphere and they all quickly dissipate harmlessly anyway in mere metres. Once they’ve gone, they’re gone. It’s sort of like the ripples when you throw a stone into a river – two or three seconds later and it’s like they were never there! Essentially, the experiments that are carried out are completely observational and totally passive.

Added to the above, the station’s electricity consumption is actually tiny – lighting, computers, heating, kitchen facilities and little else. The scientific experiments are powered by on-site generators which are obviously limited in output and so further indicative of the station’s limited capacity – not a great start for a task as grand as changing the climate of the whole planet! This information is in the public domain for all to see.

Radio waves of the type transmitted by the IRI are incapable of interacting with either the stratosphere or troposphere – they pass right through both of them and, because there is is no physical interaction with either sphere, it is literally not possible for the radio waves to manipulate the weather. It’s a scientific impossibility – like trying to hammer in a nail with a sponge… it’s just something you can’t do. You always need the correct tools for a specific task and this facility doesn’t contain the tools for such a task. This information is in the public domain for all to see. Again, there have been open days where the general public have visited and inspected the equipment there!

The facility has always aroused suspicion amongst conspiracy theorists though and most likely because of its military beginnings and its distant, northerly location. It has been blamed for everything from global warming to natural disasters to mysterious humming noises in the sky. It seems that all you need do is name a natural disaster and there will be someone out there that will blame HAARP for causing it even though the facility’s power usage is actually minimal.

Apparently, the 2004 tsunami; the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan; the Oklahoma tornado of 2013; a landslide in 2006 in the Philippines; and many more natural disasters have all apparently been caused by the HAARP facility!

Hugo Chavez even blamed HAARP directly for the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. That’s some trick to pull off from about 7,500kms away (as the crow flies) – notwithstanding the sheer level of evil required to carry out such an attack. The total destruction and huge death toll of such an act would be for absolutely no apparent gain whatsoever. It is, of course, a preposterous rambling of a very, very mad man. Other conspiracy theories hold that HAARP controls people’s minds or is capable of altering the very fabric of reality! Lol!

None of these souls, of course, have ever been able to provide any form of scientific base – let alone data, to show how an earthquake or landslide could possibly be caused by any type of man-made technology! If you’re going to make a huge claim then at least have something solid to back it up!

There is a very big gap between what the science says and what some people want it to say.


In order to be able to execute any sort of natural disaster (assuming it were scientifically possible), you would most certainly need a much, much larger facility; it would also need to be a substantially larger consumer of power; and with an enormously different array of on-site equipment (that has not even been invented yet). The idea that you could cause a natural disaster with radio wave transmitters is so funny that I nearly fell off my chair! And anyway – why would anyone want to?!

The science behind weather manipulation is nothing but a complete fantasy for the moment. Even the most primitive manipulation techniques like cloud-seeding and laser pulses have never really been completely verified as successful. This remains something far beyond us… and certainly has absolutely nothing to do with the HAARP facility in Alaska.

But imagine for a moment actually having the technology to manipulate weather patterns around the world… how would such technology be applied? Surely it would stand to make considerably more money through constructive uses rather than solely defensive or even destructive purposes, wouldn’t it?

It would simply be so massively world-changing for us that it could not be hidden or ignored! The positive applications would be worth countless billions in terms of advances to global food production, disaster protection and human development to name but a few. No matter how evil the most evil of men are, they still tend to follow the money and could never keep such technology hidden solely for nefarious purposes – and at the expense of unlimited wealth! Their ego alone would demand that they show off their massive new technology! It would be the stuff of an Austin Powers movie!

Furthermore, the number of universities involved with the facility would indicate very high levels of transparency and public accountability. University research is often funded by entities looking for advances in science and technology which can be patented – and patents are all public record. Universities also publish their accomplishments in order to seek greater private funding and public support for their work.

It is so important to be logical and reasonable in your expectations of what scientific development can achieve. Logic and reason should never be side-stepped while undertaking an analysis of anything. Furthermore, to cast aside any and all scientific knowledge gained by mankind in order to meet ones desired goal is a fool’s errand!

In order to know where science can go, you must be aware of where it has been and where it is right now. Giant leaps into the impossible are just not… possible!

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